Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thank You !!!!

Since this is a new undertaking for me, I have had to ask many people for help. My husband, Larry, and son,Todd, have been my tech support.My daughter, Emily, designed my header using a picture she had taken when she lived in Norway. It is one of my favorite photos, other than all of the photos of my grandchildren, Camden, Drew, Dylan,and Reagan. Emily is a photographer in the Houston area. Check out My daughter, Amy, has helped me by answering related questions about my Iphone and Ipad use and has been my sound board. All the gals at The Little Blue House have given me pointers as well. And me pushing buttons and just praying for the best. Many thanks to all. I am sure I will continue to learn and this blog will become less intimidating. Aren't new journeys fun?


  1. New journeys are absolutely FuN! Welcome to the blogging world.

    1. Thanks for passing on my blog on your Facebook entry. Such sweet comments.