Friday, June 29, 2012

Sew Artsy Altered Hoop Book - Page 2

It has already been a week since I posted Page 1. My how time flies when you are having fun.
Page 2:
Cover back of page one with green cardstock.
Add pattern cover attaching on sides and bottom , so it will remain a pocket. Use double sided tape.
4 1/2 X 4 1/2 green cardstock
1 1/4  X 12 yellow floral
1 1/4  X 12 red and blue polka dot
4 1/4 X 4 1/4 dasiy on green
1 3/4 X 4 1/2 large floral
sticker sheet  journal block yellow
assorted small buttons
pink tab - Sew Cute
Blue ruffled trim - glue in circle on top of 1" cardstock circle to form flower.
yoyo green floral fabric- 3 1/2" circle
rubons or faux stitching
Attach papers, stickers, buttons, and flowers referring to photo.
Tags -
Cut tag from two paint chips, 3 X 6
Border punch both tags at bottom. add 1 1/4 X 3 strip yellow floral to blue paint chip and 1 1/4 X 3 strip aqua/white geometric to red/pink paint chip. Note - your paint chips may be different colors so you may want to substitute other patterned papers.
Emboss using Cuddlebug and your favorite folders.Tie a 3/4 X 4 mesh fabric strip to each tag.
Here are some additional detailed photos :
I hope you are following along and getting your books up to date.
Stay tuned for the next page and the newest Front Porch Kit coming soon.
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Until next week, Lynette

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sew Artsy Altered Hoop Book - Page 1

Hello Ladies,
If you took my class, here is the tutorial for the first page in the Sew Artsy Altered Hoop Book. The class was fun and intense. Thank you for working so hard.
If you didn"t take the class, you may still follow along. Maybe you will learn some techniques you can use otherwise.
Trace template onto pink cardstock and cut out. ( Note ) If you didn't take the Sew Artsy Altered Hoop Book class, you can trace your hoop and add a 1 1/2 rectangle tab on one side with a 1/4" hole punched in the tab for your template.
Also trace template onto chipboard.
Each page will require one chipboard page and 2 pieces of either cardstock or patterned paper. The second piece will be the background for the next page. ( flip side)
Attach cardstock to chipboard. I use a glue stick when attaching paper to paper when assembling books.
Refer to photo when cutting:
Cut 3 X 7 1/2 aqua/creme patterned paper
Cut 4 1/4 X 6 1/4 yellow cardstock
Cut 4 X 6 yellow patterned paper.
For the circle ( cathedral window ) pattern use Cricut, Accent Essentials cartridge.
Accent 11- sugar creme cardstock - cut 13 - 1 1/2
Glue these to scraps of patternened paper and cut by hand. You could cut a 1 1/2 circle using Crcut, but when using scraps, I prefer to cut by hand.
Faux stitch using a fine permanent marker.
You will need to trace inside shape on 3 different patterned papers and cut. These will be pop dotted (is that a word) on 3 cathedral window shapes across bottom row. Add white button tied with yellow floss.
Using your cardboard spool in your Sew Artsy Kit,cut a strip of patterned yellow paper 7/8' wide and glue around center of the spool. Glue orange lace on top.Ink the spool before adding the paper (opt.)
I apologize that the photo is sideways, it's an iphone camera thing. I will figure this out some day.
Punch two 2" scallop pattern tissue flowers.Using Cricut Accent Essentials cut 2- 2" accent 32 shadow shift from purple/creme patterned paper.
Cut aqua/creme 1 1/8" flower Accent 32
Flower 1 - two layers pattern tissue scallop flower - 2 layers accent 32S flowers- 1 aqua accent 32 flower - blue button- pink or purple button
Flower 2 - accent 32 flower outline - ruffled aqua trim glued in circle - red flower button - and small blue button
Attach paper, photo mats, cathedral windows and flowers referring to photo.
Using black permanent pen or rubons found in your Sew Artsy Kit, cross stitch down right side of mat. Refer to photo.
If you still need a Front Porch Kit, Sew Artsy there are a few available at :
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Stay tuned for page two and the newest Front Porch Kit. A little bridie told me, we might start designing late this week. Can't wait.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tacky Ties No More

The Little Blue House's Front Porch Design Team has been ask to design an item using the tacky tie that we received. You, too, can join in the fun. There are prizes involved for best creative use with the tacky ties.

I received a bright yellow and red stripped tie. There are no rules for this challenge, so this is what I designed.

You might ask, where is the tie. Just open the book cover and no more tacky ties.
I crazy quilted the red/yellow tie with more pieces of old ties on to a rectangle of canvas. I ,then, collaged the front with squares of text paper,paint, and packaging that was included in the current Front Porch Kit, Sew Artsy.
I need to do more stitching and beading to complete my book.

Here are some other things I have designed before using old men's ties.

All of the Front Porch Design Team will be posting their creative use of the TACKY TIES.Be sure to follow all of the team's blogs. If you haven't joined the challenge, pick up a tie tomorrow at
The Little Blue House
118 West Olive Street
Keller, Texas 76248

I will start next week giving a written tutorial of the pages in the Sew Artsy Altered Hoop Book.
Stay tuned.

Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Not Too Late!

There are still a few Sew Artsy Front Porch Kits Available. I hear that Miss Tracy is busy making plans for the release of a new Front Porch Kit soon.I have just heard snippets about the new kit and each time the kits just get better and better. I know you will be pleased. All the designers will be posting today, so be sure to blog hop and see what everyone has to say.
Blessed Beyond Measure is one of the layouts I created with my Sew Artsy Kit. The two inch squares were faux stitched using a fine black permanent marker. The leaf die cuts were made by using Cricut Cartridge, Accent Essentials. I cut the leaves in three sizes and backed some of them with pink cardstock. The rose die cuts were made using Cricut cartridge, Phrases. I also cut them in three sizes. I just experimented to get them the right size. I cut a strip of the mesh that was in the kit and cross stitched it. The mesh flower was made by running a gathering thread down the length of the mesh strip and pulling tight and tying together. I added a button from one of the vintage button cards for the center.

I will be teaching the Sew Artsy Hoop book at The Little Blue House in a speciality workshop on June 13th. We will be doing the front and back covers. Each week in my blog following the class I will post how to make one of the pages. There are still a few openings in the class. It is offered day and night. Call The Little Blue House to reserve your seat.
The Little Blue House
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